Wound Assessment and Management

We are skilled in assessing different types of wounds to determine the appropriate care plan. This includes evaluating the wounds size, depth and stage of healing, as well as identifying signs of infection or complications

Infection Control and Prevention

Our practitioners are experts in preventing and managing infections in wounds. They are trained in aseptic technigues, recofnizing signs of infection and implementing interventions.

Patient Education and Counseling

We educate patients and their families about wound care management, including how to manage wounds at home. We provide instructions on dressing changes, signs of infection to watch for and lifestyle modifications to promote healing.

Nutrition Management

Understanding the role of nutrition in wound healing is essential for a wound care professional. They have expertise in recommending patients on nutritional needs to promote wound healing.

What Services We Offer

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Post Surgery Treatment

When they have just had surgery and are recovering at home, those still healing wounds are just what we can take care of for them. So their family need not worry about if they're getting the best care available.

Scheduled Maintainence & Management

We assess, manage, monitor, control, prevent, educate and counsel so patients can relax in the understanding that they are in the best possible hands.

Patient reviews

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